cleansing 101- a guide to the first step!

cleansing 101- a guide to the first step!

not cleansing your face could be compared to not brushing your teeth twice daily- whether or not you're an avid makeup wear, you're enabling oils, dirt and bacteria to live on your skin during the day and night- leading to breakouts, congestion and poor skin health.

cleansing should be done, twice a day, morning and night. your morning cleanse will provide a fresh base for your moisturiser and enhance the look of your makeup, and your evening cleanse will remove  pollutants picked up during the course of your day.

see below for an easy (and fast!) guide to cleansing based on your favourite Oxygen cleanser. not sure which one is right for you? check out this blog post or get in touch with us so we can help. 

love, Oxygen x

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