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Darling, lets not rush.

Dear teen self,

This is the time of year to take a breather, calm that inner diva & stop rushing because todays a darn keeper. 

All of a sudden we've landed in November with December in our sights, who knows where this came from, i’m sure I was just preparing for winter to arrive so I could work on my summer bod (because summer bodies are made in winter right?) well somehow we're here & my gym membership has been used about as many times as you've cleaned your room this year which means I understand 100% that it is hard not to feel rushed and out of time all of a sudden.

As the year comes to an end some of you are planning a long awaited OE, others are probably hoping they’ve picked the right university, or perhaps the right career path. Meanwhile the younger version of you will likely be feeling the pressures of those first summer jobs or looming NCEA results to map out the next year at school! It's just that time of year where no matter your age, your foot size or the amount of followers you have on the gram... the end of one year and the beginning of the next always brings the old 'am I doing the right thing?' thought train flooding on in.

So my dear, teen self... take a moment, listen to what your inner diva wants and then tell her to sit down while you enjoy THIS moment before the next, because there is no rush - just trust me on this one.

Don’t rush those summer sun cocktails because I tell you now, the only rushing you’ll be doing the next day is too the supermarket for some powerade, panadol & endless frujus - and nothing about that is living on a budget. Just sip those pinás and drink that water because tomorrows possibilities are just as worth it as todays enjoyment.

Get yourself up 20 minutes earlier and establish a morning routine to start your day with a sense of calm... EAT YO DARN BREAKFAST GAL that metabolism will not start itself and your energy will not appear from thin air - yes i'm talking to you, the one still lying in bed 15 minutes before you start work and the one complaining on your lunch break how tired you are from your hectic part time, working gal lifestyle!

Sometimes all it takes to make yourself feel like you have your life together is some consistency and small accomplishments in each day. Take a walk each morning, hit the gym, meet a friend for coffee or read your news feed while eating the latest acai bowl recipe from insta.. whatever gives you a moment to breathe - do that, thats your jam. Faking it until you make it is actually a thing in this instance...

Don’t rush out the door to the beach today without saying good morning and good day to those around you, while you always need to look after #1 (yes thats you in the mirror you beautiful thing!) it also takes 30 seconds to acknowledge those around you and make their day that little bit better through simply acknowledging they're important,

you do care - so show it!  

Appreciation is where you can always find happiness in times of anxiety and nerves, so take a moment to look around you, look within you & appreciate something that brings laughter to your life today. Pause, reflect & believe that what comes next will pan out how it should... just don't rush, stop and smell them pretty roses because someone has taken the time to grow them!

In todays society we are constantly thinking about what comes next, how we can better what we're doing today or how we can get to where someone else is on their news feeds. This summer is yours, not theirs so form your own opinions, create your own future and live your own days doing things that fill you with confidence.

So thats it from me for this Monday lovelies, love until next time - see you soon.
Livv x
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