Exercise and the impact it has on your skin

Exercise and the impact it has on your skin

We all know that regular exercise has incredible impacts on our cardiovascular fitness and all round mental and physical well being but here at Oxygen we shout from the rooftops the amazing benefits it can have on your skin health, too!

Anything that promotes a healthy circulation (even just a light 30 mins a day) contributes to healthier, glowing skin. Increasing your blood flow and getting that heart pumping helps to flush cellular debris out of the skin and carry fresh nutrients to our body's largest organ.

We've put together some of our favourite tips for getting the most out of your workout and making sure your skin thanks you as much as your muscles will!

1) Always wear SPF

Especially when exercising outdoors, SPF (at least 30+)  is absolutely vital to protecting your skin from NZ's harmful UV rays. Apply over your moisturiser in the morning and reapply as the day goes on. Remember that post-sweat you'll also need to apply again. We love a good natural product and this Coola one smells delightful, too!

2) Before your work-out

Properly remove all makeup to allow your skin to breathe as you sweat. Breaking a sweat is amazing for a multitude of reasons but it's best done fresh faced! Cleanse with Creme Cleanser (the best for a gentle makeup removal) and a warm face cloth if you're hitting the gym, or if you're on the run, a microfibre cloth (we love NZ brand, Take It Off) and some water helps to get all of your foundation off.

3) Post sweat

Even more importantly than cleansing before, is cleansing after. Whether you've been at a light yoga session or run a marathon- you have a cocktail of sweat, dirt, oil and residual skincare wrecking havoc on your face! Cleanse ASAP to start fresh and clear your pores of anything that could harvest bacteria as the day goes on. We recommend using our 2 in 1 Cleanser if you're struggling with problematic skin- pair this little natural with a clean face cloth and tepid water. In terms of the remainder of your routine, keep it pretty simple (and save any actives for night time!). A few sprays of our Skin Toner and then the appropriate moisturiser for your skin and you're away laughing.

4) Flush it out

DRINK UP! Get a good, eco friendly water bottle as your bestie and sip on this before, during and after each work out. Water helps flush toxins out of your body as well as keep your epidermis (the top layer of your skin) hydrated and elasticated!

Armed with those four top-tips, a boost of endorphins and a happy healthy face, you've got yourself a great start to your day!

Until next time,

Team Oxygen x

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