Oxygen Skincare takes a trip to Hong Kong!

Oxygen Skincare takes a trip to Hong Kong!

Many of you would have seen that some of the team here at Oxygen took a rather exciting trip over to Hong Kong last month.

We managed to trade in the cold wintry ways of New Zealand for the sticky humidity and random down pours of Asia. Don't get me wrong I was extremely happy about this tanning and shopping opportunity but I felt my hair, skin and energy levels decide to cause chaos the second I got off the plane.

Let me paint you a wee picture, on our first morning in Hong Kong for the 'Natural & Organic products Asia' trade show we got up feeling all refreshed and ready to show the world what we are all about here at Oxygen Skincare NZ. Phillipa and I cleansed, toned and moisturized as per usual, made ourselves look presentable and off we went. We stepped outside the hotel and I felt my freshly straightened hair have a laugh as the humidity hit me square in the face. We then ventured over to Hong Kong island which consisted of a ferry and a short walk, probably a 15min trip at the most! It's fair to say by the time we got there we looked like we'd been dragged through a bush backward with frizzy hair, and our freshly done make up looking like the morning after a big night out.

I set out to make it my mission to figure out how the locals all turned up looking fresh, calm and collected every day when their journeys usually included a lot more walking than tourists like us who enjoyed the luxury of the odd taxi. During our time at the expo a lot of local distributors and retailers sampled our products and made plenty of positive comments about the Oxygen range. Two products in particular stood out though, the Purifying Honey Masque and our Ultimate Botanical Serum, it didn't take me long to figure out why. In a country where 35•c and 79% humidity was our daily norm, your skin starts to feel like it has a constant layer of oil over it. I, myself have normal to dry skin and even I felt the oily areas like my chin, nose and forehead start to work in overdrive.

The Ultimate Botanical Serum was one of our most loved products in Hong Kong and from the feedback we got it was clear that this was the case because of two characteristics in particular. The fresh smell of the Organic Camellia oil paired with the light and fast absorbing texture of the serum made the product appealing in an environment where heat was a factor, it made for a pleasant alternative to oils which can sit on the surface of the skin for hours before fully absorbed. By day two I replaced my night time moisturizer with the Serum, it meant that I wasn't sleeping with anything too heavy and my oils balanced themselves out naturally.

Our Ultimate Botanical Serum comes in a glass container with a dropper lid and you only need one or two drops. The product comes out looking as clear as an oil, but when you rub it into the skin the texture changes to a very fine moisturizer in which your skin absorbs quickly. The Organic Camellia oil in this serum has incredible penetrating properties which help suck and retain all the moisture to the deepest layers leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth. The Vanilla oil not only smells absolutely delicious but it helps neutralize the threats of day to day wear and tear and protects the skin while stimulating its repair.

My life saver on the trip was my PH toning mist, in fact I think I might ask this product to marry me. I used it on my arms, my feet and of course my face, all day. It relaxed the aching in my feet from standing on concrete for 10-12 hours a day with the cooling sensation and scent of the mandarin, and calmed the heat rash on my arms from the humidity. It didn't disturb my make up either which was a bonus because I sprayed it over my face to liven myself up thanks to that mandarin again and kiwifruit! I would recommend to carry one of these babies in your handbag anywhere and everywhere. Not only is it great for freshening up but also, all the good wee vitamins that we pack in there help your skin regulate its natural PH levels which calms down irritation from both dry skin and oily, blotchy skin.

Now, I know I've missed out the famous NZ Manuka Honey Masque today but I decided that this product is such a hero it deserves a post of its own. Keep an eye out and I PROMISE I will do a full write up on our Honey Masque this week.

Happy Sunday everyone xx

P.S check out our Facebook page for more photos, my computer decided to hate me today and wont let me attach them!

Livv xx

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